August 2008

it all started in high school…it was great to see jennifer and kevin make it official on july 26, 2008. scroll down to their engagement pictures a couple months back.
jennifer “did it up” with a cinderella themed wedding and went above and beyond with the decorations. everything looked so elegant and fun!
i think my car themometer read 99 degrees this day-it felt worse! jenn and kevin were troopers to make it through pictures, outside, in the middle of the afternoon.

ceremony held at hyde park united methodist church

reception held at a la carte event pavilion

dj doug decker with grant hemond and associates

video by hearts video


robot first dance

why it wouldnt be a wedding without the ymca!

the cigar roller was a hit!

this is what happens to camera lenses in the florida humidity, it’s only cool in this picture, otherwise it’s a pain!

 all star limo


i think i was bit by a sepia tone bug…just love the tone for all of these! stephanie and breckon (go gators!) said, “i do” on june 27, 2008 at their church in clearwater. they planned to see each other before the ceremony to help get most of the pictures out of the way so their guests werent kept waiting too long in the reception-i love it when they agree to this! it was a full day, but surprising to me, (under the weather for 2 days prior-thank goodnes wendy helped out) went off without too many hitches and we got some wonderful pics. here’s a sneak peek for stephanie and breckon.

crinoline by the stain glass windows…love it!

look closely…groomsmen are hilarious!

seeing each other for the first time

love sun glares!

wendy gets credit for this one…great shot! just before walking down the ilse

breckon’s brother played an awesome piano

man, we’re so flippin’ good! my flash went off in front of the flower girls just as wendy snapped this from behind! happy accidents, bet a million bucks we couldn’t have done it if we planned it out!

love this…looks so old.
cakes by carolynn

not a good enough kiss….DO OVER!

this is what i love about what i do. i photographed sandra and marc’s wedding in july ’07 and in ’08 photographed their newborn, parker elizabeth. it’s always a blessing to be called back to photograph another milestone in a family’s life.

just a couple of my favorites from their wedding…

josalyn has two babies!!! on april 29, 2008, josayln gave birth to halle jayne (3lb. 130z.) and sean raines (3lbs. 3oz.) who we now lovely refer to as, “shally” because we end up combining their names when we talk fast. in july, i was finally able to take some time off to make the trip up north and soak in that glorious smell of babies and take pictures, of course. everyone needs a crazy aunt photographer-that’s me.


auntie “le le” feeding halle

mommy and sean catching up on sleep wherever and whenever they can…i think i snapped this one right before we prayed for dinner one night.

halle’s “i’m done” face after she’s finished eating

bath time in the kitchen sink

this is what i call “a pratz face”. rory and his nachos

i know i have another almost exactly like this somewhere of noah too. i’ll have to find it!

2008   what we call, “our feed the children picture”. we take one whenever we can.

2004…i think    “$10 a day will feed all these mouths”

this one is going on our living room wall on a canvas soon

mia and ping

halle sneezed here…

rosey-cheeked halle

sean dreaming about something good…

grandmom and great nanny

beautiful halle

grandmom and grandpop (not sure if they have decided what they want to be called yet)

halle on the left, sean on the right

lil’ ella

showing us her snaggle tooth

so what’s in the water these days?! everyone is having twins! i was kinda scared that i would cause kandy to go into labor this day. she was suppose to be on bed rest…we took our time to say the least!

madrina’s middle eastern dance
here’s a few of my favorites from my day with madrina. we both had a great time!

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