September 2008

here a few quickies to calm the anxious… including myself. we took so many pictures this day, it’s going to take a while to get through them all, but i am so excited. what a gorgeous wedding! thanks to my wonderful friend aubrey hatcher for her help as well! more to come soon….


september 6, 2008 in longboat key, fl, claudia and ron had an intimate beach wedding with close family and friends. the weather was amazing (thanks for september weather in fl) and the day was relaxing. though i don’t like to do too much “photoshopping” because it takes away from the natural feel, these two were so laid back, i felt free enough to play around with some new photoshop actions.

i love how old this makes things seem

i LOVE this one!

my favorite of the day…

it feels like its only been a couple of months, but on september 14th, drew and i were officially married for a year-and a great one at that. at the risk of sounding cliche’, i am more in love today than i was when i married him. i am so grateful for such a loyal husband-and funny one to-boot!
with our work hard, play hard philosophy, we decided to treat ourselves and took the weekend off and headed to sanibel island. relaxing and quiet?…yes. plenty to do and see?…no. oh well, we have fun wherever we go.

i love it when she comes back home. i think i go through withdrawl when she leaves. kel, cade, and i made our way over to the zoo once day last week. cade had a blast!

sharks and fish!

passed out with “chicky-nuggets” in hand

every morning-like clockwork- the dogs wait at the sliding glass door (not so patiently i must add) so we can go outside to run and chase that darn ball. what is it about a ball?! ping is getting so big (he was added to our lil family in june ’08) and happens to be a thief and a master at taking toys away from tucker.
couldn’t resist a morning outside (away from the chaos of the office) with the dogs and taking some funny pics.

he carries the ball by ball fuz and not his actual jaws…his teeth are like velcro


it’s hot mom!

a daschund on a hill

no top lip…

i may have to start putting sunblock on the inside of his ears if they dont ever stop flipping backwards!…

we had a blast! claudia was hilarious and ron was willing to do whatever i asked. (this is not normal) be on the lookout for their wedding pics…today (sept. 6th) is the day. i thought maybe i should get the engagement pics up before the actual wedding.

lauren was wanting to have some belly shoots done during her pregnancy-we kinda did these on a whim and a prayer (literally) because she was not certain about the near future. lauren simply loved her belly and wanted to remember how she felt during this stage in her life. i have to say, even with the uncertainites and stress, lauren exuded beauty, confidence and faith. in her 26th week with twins, hannah and kate, she had been put on light bed rest a couple days prior to these. trying to hold off having the girls until her 28th week was the prayer. that she did. on september 1, 2008, lauren and george became parents to hannah grace-1lb 8oz. and kate elizabeth-2lbs. 11oz.
please be in prayer for these sweet baby girls as well as lauren and george. you can leave encouraging comments on their blog posted under my links.

bella the dachshund and mommy

hannah and kate’s shoes with daddy’s work boots

love this one

one of my favorites….

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