May 2010

you’ll have to excuse my “sentimental-ness”… its just great to watch these boys grow up in my pictures. i have been capturing these little boys ever since the first, christian, was crawling. now luke is running around- bruises and all. not sure if boys are supposed to be this beautiful, but my camera loves them!

just loved this one!

take ONE

that’s better!

ok…photographer friends, this is what happens in lighting when you shoot on FL sand in at 11am. amazing light! who needs flashes and reflectors!

this one warms my heart.

i leave you with one of luke running…and watching the birdies…maybe this is how he gets his bruises.


i was fortunate enough to photograph nick and jamey’s gorgeous wedding about 2 years ago and since then have done some ocassional photography work for a family event planning business. it’s such a privilege to know honest and talented vendors. sweet olivia has now entered the picture and of course, has capture her mommy and daddy’s hearts. here they are as a family of three!

well, it all started with a facebook message and a broken foot. the rest is history for jon and cassie. they met in october of 2009 and will be married 1 year later-their first date being in jon’s hospital room. jon is my hubby’s best friend and we are so glad he is happy and found his Love. cassie and her daugther, mccayla seem to have filled his heart and those of you that know jon, know he has so much love to give these sweet ladies.