September 2010

here’s a few for each family. i was so impressed with each 15 minute session and how well the children did. i guess when you really think about it…15 minutes is the max attention span a child is willing to give the camera- so this worked perfect! keep checking back because i will be posting another date soon for christmas minis.

the grubbs

gavin leo and the bantners

the lantz family

mr hunter

the slade family

little emma and the marshalls

sweet isaac and the overcashs


hot dog! they did it! the rain made this day a little crazy, not only for photos but for the ceremony, but it held off just enough for them to say “i do”. it’s always a pleasure and honor to photograph family weddings. love ya kirby!

sorry carolyn, just couldn’t help it.

congratulations to stacey and francois on their sweet new baby boy, luke! he didn’t want to sleep for most of our session, but he was so calm and relaxed.

he sleeps…

jim the dog checking out the new “thing” in his house.

i look forward to this time of year to get a little creative for this family and do something a little different than last. these sweet girls have a birthday 2 weeks apart from each other (stephanie, that’s correct?). i’m sure they have their moments of “sisterly bickering” at home, yet they are nothing but kind and loving to each other every time i see them.

you might remember this “little” guy from a while back. i was lovin’ the sun in this session-though still pretty high (and hot) in the sky, i’m so happy with all the sun glare! happy birthday colton!