A few weeks ago I received a phone call and email of what I would consider an urgent request for family pictures. I was honored and humbled. A dear family I have had the pleasure of knowing through the years learned that their mother was yet again battling cancer and would be starting aggressive treatments. Mrs. Murbach is so much to so many as an active member in our church. Above all else, she is a beloved wife, mother, and grandmother to her family that holds her so dear.

It’s while being up close and personal with families that I get to hear things they don’t think anyone else can. At one point, Mr. Murbach asked Mrs. Murbach (I call them Mr. and Mrs. because my father-forgive me-would roll over in his grave if he knew I addressed my high school sunday school teachers/leaders by their first names) if she was doing alright. She simply smiled and said, “I’m fine because I’m looking at you. ”

Below is a bit of Mr Murbach’s email he sent updating friends and family on the situation and asking for their prayers and support. Please join us in praying for this amazing woman and wonderful family as they walk this bittersweet journey together. Bitter because of the pain and sickness. Sweet because of the great blessings and closeness to Christ that comes with it. Pray for strength and mercy to invade their hearts and for comfort when the days are long and difficult. Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that in all things, God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Don’t be surprised if you see Mrs. Murbach in passing that when she gently smiles and quietly speaks to you that you don’t see the face of cancer, but the love of Christ.

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Written Friday October 29th
Dear Family and Friends
Today has been a difficult one….the last 2 weeks Susanna has been experiencing dizziness, balance problems, double vision, headaches, and a pain in her left buttock. Yesterday she had an MRI and today we met with her pain management doctor, Dr. Buga and her oncologist, Dr. Roberts. The MRI shows that the ovarian cancer has metastasized in her brain. There are innumerable lesions throughout the brain, but there is one lesion in the left cerebellar hemisphere that is 2.4cm x 2.4 cm. This appears to be the one that is causing the balance problems, dizziness, headaches, but not the pain in her butt.

We were able to get an appointment this afternoon with the radiologist, so Monday afternoon Susanna will begin “whole brain radiation” treatments. She will have 15 treatments, Mon-Fri for 3 weeks. Each treatment is 15 minutes. The goal is to reduce and destroy the lesions relieving the pressure in her brain that are causing the problems. Side effects are fatigue, nausea, loss of hair, possible short term memory problems.

Secondly, from her blood work her CA 125 was over 1300, and it is suspected that the pain in her butt is coming from a lesion on her spine or tumor activity in her pelvic region which is where the cancer originally was found. So she will have a CT Scan sometime next week and this will help determine if any or what kind of treatment is necessary.

We thank you so much for being there for us over these many, many months, and we need to lean on you once again. God has been so good, He has answered prayers, He has given comfort and strength and peace and family and friends, and so much more! Last Christmas, her condition was very serious and her prayer was to be able to hold her new grandbabies! God has so answered that prayer, now our prayer is that she gets to see Ava, Jane, and Isaac start their first day of school or graduate from college!

Thank you for your encouragement and your love