Weddings were the events that kept me the most busy on the weekends, but when the news of a baby on the way hit, I deceided to let weddings take a backseat in my life to raise a family. Life is too short and her face is too precious. I will be taking on select weddings here and there, but my main focus for the business has turned into family sessions, maternity, newborns, birthdays and anniversary events.

Alothough I used to never settle to long in one place for fear of boredom or missing out on something important, I have come to realize if I don’t stop to soak in every bit of sweetness my child has, I will end up regretting it years down the road. And though I keep a very tiddy house, I have no problem leaving the dishes for another few hours to take an afternoon nap with the babe.


7 Responses to “about me?…”

  1. Stephanie Smigiel Says:

    I just love your pictures. I am the same way about pictures and am trying to get into doing it for a living. I’m always doing it anyways…my family’s like will you stop taking so many pictures. But it’s so amazing what you can capture on film. Isn’t it? Anyhow. If you’re ever looking for an assistant give me a call. I would love to get more experience and knowledge about photography. I am looking into going back to school for it. But we’ll see. How are you and Drew doing by the way? Hope all is well.

  2. Jarin Says:

    Great pics as always Abbey!

  3. Erin Bunning Cruz Says:

    Abbey you do amazing work! I wish you lived closer, I would refer you to everyone I know. Let me know if you are ever in Jersey maybe you could photograph Nolan.

  4. Denise M. Says:

    Golly gee! I loved everything. I finally got some quiet time and just inhaled all the beautiful pictures! I almost cried when I saw the one of the family of the girls running in the grass with Mom & Dad playing the guitar! I WANT that for our family!! My girls are dress up princesses and love to dance to Daddy’s music- what a special memory. I love watching your work. Keep up the fabulous job! May God bless you and Drew!

  5. Tiffany Sutherland Says:

    Your photography is breathtaking!! You truley capture what life is all about. I find myself looking at your masterpieces of art and feeling, for a moment, like I to am a part of them. It is a true gift that you have and portray in your work. I love knowing that their are people out there that are “living their dreams” and their dreams are giving back to them!!! Thank-you for sharing your talent, it’s inspiring 🙂

  6. Sandra Johnson Says:

    THIS is why we always keep coming back for more! You make us feel comfortable in front of your camera. Thanks for allowing us to be a part of your passion.

  7. Nikki Says:

    I was referred to you by a coworker Ashley Overcash. I am looking to have family photos done on November 20th and was wondering if you had any availability at or around that date. I am also inquiring on the price of a family photo shoot. You can contact me by phone, text or call 813.613.5168 or by email Thanks for your time
    Nikki Balaguer

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